Misc. Products

Guidon Stands
Give us a call for a unique guidon stand for your unit.  Unless you leave this out in a typhoon your colors aren't going anywhere (and probably not event then).  Most guidon stands are constructed out of 1/4 inch thick steel plate with 1/8 inch overlays and then powder coated.  Standard cost is $350.00
steel knuckles... ERR... bottle openers.
You can have your bottle openers in any size or pattern you want.  A medium fits most recon men, but if people call you "Big Daddy" you'll need a large.  Choose any logo, or even add custom engraving.  Cut from 1/2 inch thick steel plate and professionally powder coated.  $25.00 each for a blank pair.  Contact us for a quote on custom designs or to order.


Do you want a unique paddle?  Something that perfectly expresses the character of the man you are honoring?  You've come to the right place.  Not only is the paddle made entirely of steel, you can have any blade style, length, and color you want.    Wrapping is available.  Contact us for for a quote on a custom paddle.
Paddle for RAIDER XP's first ever event.
Paddle for the Force Recon Association
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